General Ear Tagging Questions

I need an extra button, do you sell individual buttons?

Yes, we sell extra AllFlex, Y-Tex and Ritchey buttons on our Accessories page.

I need a tagger that works with the type of tags I'm ordering. Do you sell them?

Yes, we carry AllFlex and Y-Tex taggers as well as the Ritchey Tool Pin that can be installed in either tagger. Please see our Accessories page.

Ordering Process

What is your current turn around time?

Our current turn around time is about 3-4 weeks with possible extended timeframes around the holidays and calving season.

Do you provide a mockup before the tags I ordered are made?

Yes, a mockup is provided within 10 business days from date your order was placed for all custom ear tag orders (hall pass tags excluded). We are closed weekends and holidays and therefore those days do not count as business days.

Do you offer bulk pricing?

Yes, we offer discounted prices on larger orders of tags. Please ask for a price sheet if you're interested in bulk pricing.

Can I add a brand to my custom ear tags?

Yes, we can add your brand. Please upload a high resolution digitized file of your brand that has been drawn in graphic design software. If you have questions about what the means please see our Digitize Your Brand page to determine if your file is an acceptable format.

Do you have a minimum order amount?

No, we do not require a minimum amount of tags to place an order. You can order just one tag if you'd like.

How do I add my design requests to my order?

You can type all of your design requests into the personalization box before adding your tags to your cart. Please include the animals name, any graphics you'd like and the colors you'd like them in. If you've selected the glitter option (if applicable) please indicate what color glitter you'd like. You can use this box to describe anything you'd like regarding how you'd like us to design your tags.

Can you provide a mockup before I place an order?

Unfortunely, we are only able to provide mockups on paid orders.

What type of file should I submit to add my brand to my custom ear tags?

Please submit a high resolution JPG, PNG, PDF or SVG.

Do your prices include the back button?

Yes, our tags come with either a back button for ear placement or a split ring for collar placement depending on the product that you order.

Do you have examples of designs and fonts to choose from?

Please see the photos on the product pages for examples of designs and fonts. Please be aware that you are not limited to these designs or fonts. They are there for example only. We have thousands of fonts in every kind of style and can find graphics to suit your design requests.

Can I have tags customized with anything I want?

Yes, we can customize tags to say anything you'd like.

How do I submit my brand when placing an order?

Please use the upload button on the product page to submit your brand with your order.

Ritchey Ear Tags

Which tagger do I use with the Ritchey tags and Ritchey back buttons?

You can use an AllFlex or YTex tagger but it is critical that you have a Ritchey Tool Pin installed on your tagger to use the Ritchey Clover buttons with your Ritchey ear tags. This is why: https://youtu.be/miHU9ntRiAU

Do back buttons made by other brands work with Ritchey tags?

Yes, Ritchey’s Universal Tags are designed to work with most major button systems.  It’s important that the brand of the tagger and button are the same so if you're using an AllFlex button you must use an AllFlex tagger or YTex tagger with YTex buttons. Please watch this explaination: https://youtu.be/miHU9ntRiAU

Why are my Ritchey back buttons breaking when tagging?

The Ritchey "Clover" button is incredibly durable. They can fail in extremely cold weather if you attempt to insert a warm button in a frozen tag. However, 99% of the time, a broken button usually means you're using the wrong tool pin. Ritchey "Clover" buttons MUST be installed with a Ritchey tool pin. See this video for a detailed explanation on why https://youtu.be/miHU9ntRiAU

Can you engrave on the back of Ritchey ear tags?

Yes, it is an additional charge but we can engrave on both sides of the Ritchey ear tags. You can select single or double sided engraving on the product page when ordering.

How do I know which size to order?

The Ritchey large tags are ideal for mature cattle, cows, and bulls.  Medium tags are a perfect size for calves.  Small tags are designed for calves too, but can be used on other small livestock.

Are large tags too big for my calves?

Ritchey’s run a pure bred cow operation and use the large dual-colored tags on their calves, they get along just fine with them.  If you plan to change the information on the tag late in the animal’s life, you can use the medium calf tag on your calf, and replace it with the large tag, using the same hole.  On a calf, it’s important to place the tag close to the head, between the middle ribs of the animal’s ear.

Can I have a phone number added to the back of the dog tags?

Yes, a phone number can be added to the back of the dog tags.

Can you engrave multicolor designs or text on Ritchey ear tags?

Ritchey tags can only be engraved to expose a single color layer in the center of the tag. That layer is either black or white depending on the tag color.

Can you engrave designs or graphics on Ritchey ear tags?

Yes, we can engrave most patterns or graphics.

Will the lettering or designs fade?

No, the engraving on Ritchey tags will never fade. The engraving is permanent and will remain visible for the life of the cow and we back it with a lifetime warranty.

Does the engraving come with a lifetime warranty?

Yes, we guarantee that the engraving on Ritchey tags will never fade or rub or peel off.

Shipping, Returns/Refunds, Business Hours and Contact Info

When will my order ship or has it shipped yet?

Turn around time is estimated at 3-4 weeks from the date your order is placed. You will receive an email with a tracking number when your order is ready to ship. If you have not received this email, your order has not shipped.

Do you accept returns?

The majority of our products are custom made and there for we do not accept returns.

My calf/cow died, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds. You can change the name of the tag if your calf or cow dies or you can elect store credit to apply to a tag(s) in the future. We also do not accept cancelations or exchanges due to the custom nature of the items we create.

Do you have a phone number I can call and talk to someone about placing an order?

We handle all orders through our online store and email. If you need assistance please send us a message here or you can send us an email at aderholtcharm@gmail.com

What are your business hours?

Our normal business hours are 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.